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Posts from Food for the Everyday Soul

The Power of Vinegar

I can think of a few foods that have vinegar. Without it, we would not have pickles, Italian dressing, or one of my favorite recipes, vinegar chicken. When used properly, it is a key acid to help balance meals. I know I could not live without pickles. I am currently growing gherkins and cucumbers for… More

Homemade Tortilla Chips

Ingredients White or yellow tortilla chips 1 cup oil Salt to taste Tools Tongs or frying spoons to flip and remove tortilla chips Medium frying pan Knife or kitchen sheers Cutting board Paper towels Plate for cooked tortilla chips Heat oil over just under medium heat. This is a lot like cooking pancakes. You are… More

Have You Met Ginger?

Like most Americans, I started off my ginger adventure with good ole Ginger Ale. I have always loved it. My mom would give it to me when I had tummy aches. Then I tried sushi for the first time. This sweet, tangy addition to my California roll was magical at 9 years old. I was… More

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