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Food for the Everyday Soul

Welcome to my blog! Thank you so much for taking the time to check it out. My name is Erin Kelly. I am a 32 years old single mom of one utterly amazing and now official teenage girl, Lily, and one fur baby, my loving Pitbull Baby Bear. I am currently living in Colorado but I was born in Florida and raised in Tennessee. I have also been lucky enough to live in New Jersey on the Shore for a while. I have been cooking since I was four years old and I absolutely love everything about food! From rich, buttery comfort foods to foods that are so healthy you feel fresh just eating them. I believe that food brings families together, keep us thriving, and can soothe the soul. I worked in healthcare for 10 years and I have seen food change lives and heal wounds. I think the physiology of how our food affects us at a cellular level is astonishing.

So please join me on a new culinary adventure! I will be going over all sorts of food related topics from simple recipes the whole family will love to recipes that will work on a cellular level to heal you and keep your body in top notch shape. We will keep up with what our favorite chefs are up to in the restaurant business, current cooking trends, and classes to kick our culinary skills up a notch! I will also be providing exclusive discounts, reviews, recipe books, and how-to content to keep us hands on together exploring the wonderful gift Mother Earth has given us.